At the United Nations Environmental Program Head Quarters for the South South Global Expo in Nairobi-Kenya (October 2013)

Photo Set

New York City 2013


Papa Wemba and Akon gracing Le Palanka Wall. James Gichuru Rd. Nairobi - Kenya.


Amazing African Musicians, breathing life in to the Le Palanka Resturant Wall at James Gichuru Road L to R: Manu Dibango, Youssou N”Dour, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Miriam Makeba.

Get a hold of their music as soon as possible. #inspired


At the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi - Kenya.

The most powerful and memorable moment for any graffiti writer to paint an International Airport. The exposure, the power in the visual, the alchemy intertwined with the conflictual mind.

This is true power, soul power.


Brooklyn Piece in Progress. November 2012


WiseTwo a street artist whose work is based on intensive research focusing on ancient civilizations and their writing systems, tribal markings, African Masks and patterns which subconsciously affect us one way or another. WiseTwo believes that all that we are today has a lot to do with the ancient of times. The way we think the way we speak and what we speak in regard to languages and how we relate to people through different cultural norms.

This research allows him to fuse and create his own interpretation and form of writing pattern that is fused with the murals created.

WiseTwo has been and played an integral part in bringing graffiti art to the mainstream audience in East Africa. Wise Two is also accredited with creating an awareness of the Kenyan graffiti art movement amongst the global graffiti community through his involvements in various international exhibitions and events.

WISETWO lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya


United States International University Africa, Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations, class of 2013

Institute of Legal Executives, Professional Higher Diploma in British Law, class of 2010


United Nations commissioned mural for the South South Global Expo, Nairobi, Kenya October 2013

United Nations commissioned mural for the spray for Change Initiative (Basco Paints) October 2013

Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York (United States of America) September 2013 with Joel Artista, Esteban and Tanya

The Bushwick Collective, Brooklyn, New York (United States of America) September 2013

Wall Therapy 2013 Rochester, New York (United States of America) 2013

Jersey Fresh Jam, New Jersey (United States of America) 2013 with Joel Artista

Nai Ni Who? Mural Project with Kuona Trust Nairobi,Kenya June 2013

Mural for Basco Paints at the Progressive music festival, Nairobi, Kenya 2013

Mural for Basco paints delivery vehicle, Nairobi, Kenya 2013

Le Palanka Murals off James Gichuru Rd Lavington, Nairobi, Kenya April 2013

Basco Paints commissioned mural at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, Kenya, February 2013

Kibera Peace train mural, Nairobi, Kenya, February 2013

Aztec Eyes, Sarakasi Dome, Nairobi Kenya December 2012 with BankSlave

Singapore Mural, Somerset Park, March 2011 with Skope Woner, Deaz and Kyot

 Lectures and Workshops

United States International University Africa, 2010-2013, Lectures on Street Art, Protest Art, Silent Revolution and greater impacts.

Stencil workshops with Action Aid students from Scandinavian countries, 2011 – 2013

The power of stencil art in creating change in the society we live in

1st World Youth Alliance International Arts Forum, New York City, United States November 2012


WiseTwo and Swift9 at the GoDown Arts Center.


United States International University - Africa, Yearbook cover 2012


"All pictures are copyright. WiseTwo"